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Cheap and Easy Classroom Mailbox DIY Makeover! 

I finally gained access to my first ever classroom this week! (SO exciting!) But I was met at the door by this ugly guy. I want to use them as mailbox cubbies, however I also want the children to be excited about their mailbox! This should be a place to store work, take home folders, etc. that you want the children to REMEMBER to check every day before they go home! Scroll down to see how I flipped this ugly, dirty, dusty mailbox cubby into a bright and cheery space for my kiddos!

Neighboring teachers had elected to spray paint their mailbox cubbies, but I honestly didn’t want to deal with the hassle of it. Lucky I found a few cheap materials to give it a quick makeover! A quick trip to the Dollar Tree and I was ready to go!


  • Contact Paper: I found this nice purple contact paper at Dollar Tree and purchased three rolls (It also matches my library bins perfectly!)
  • Colored Duct Tape: I had a roll of yellow left over from last year- but they are usually only like 4 bucks if you need some. Honestly yellow wasn’t my first choice, but it was free.99!
  • Colored Paper/Cardstock: Again I just used leftover card stock! Use what you’ve got!
  • Large Binder Clips


1. Apply contact paper to top and sides of the mailbox shelf. (Tip: use credit card or drivers license to work out the bubbles out, it is much faster!)

2. Duct tape any corners and front facing pieces you would like covered or use extra contact paper.

3. Lay out colored paper in the bottom of the mailbox cubbies.

4. Attach binder clips to keep paper in place and act as labels for your kiddos!

And TaDa! Bright and colorful mailbox cubbies! It’s not the best thing on the planet but it’s better than it was and the kiddos loved the colors! All that needs to be done is print names on avery labels and stick them on the binder clips!